What Is a Divorce Complaint Form

Below you will find general information about filing and serving divorce documents, including the content of a divorce application, where you can file the documents and country-specific samples. The second aspect of the divorce action is especially important if you are looking for a guilty divorce. This section of the complaint contains the alleged grounds for divorce related to the fault. In other words, you will make specific factual statements that show that the court has one of the debt-based reasons for your divorce. It is important to understand that at this point you do not have to prove the reason, you just have to state it with some specificity and provide the court with all the supporting information you have. For example, if the reason for the debt-based divorce was adultery, you wouldn`t need photographic evidence or a confession for the complaint. It would be enough to provide all the details you know about the case. It is important to indicate what information you have at this stage of the process, but sometimes it is possible to add or change information later in the process by modifying the complaint. Lawyers at Smith Strong, PLC can help you file your divorce complaint.

It is important that your complaint meets all the legal requirements and contains everything you will ask for during the divorce. Our experienced attorneys have the expertise to ensure your complaint complies with Virginia law and the foresight to ensure your divorce goals are met. Please call one of our offices at 804-325-1245 (Richmond) or 757-941-4298 (Williamsburg) to speak with a divorce lawyer. Once you have gathered all the information to complete your complaint, it will be filed with the district court of the region where you or your spouse reside. In Virginia, the complaint must also be served on your spouse. Usually, this means that it is given to your spouse by a process server or sheriff. In some cases, the service of the complaint is made public. Either way, once the complaint has been served on your spouse, they have twenty-one days to respond. NOTE: All California courts use the same basic forms. But some dishes also have special local shapes.

To find out if you need special local forms, contact your clerk or visit your court`s website. Forms can be published on their website. If this is not the case, the website will provide the address and phone number of your local courthouse. Before using the brochures and forms, we strongly recommend that you seriously consider hiring a lawyer for your divorce, even if you believe that your divorce will be “undisputed” (i.e., your spouse will not object to the divorce in any way). There may be much more to think about than simply ending the marriage and filling out court documents. (For example, there may be property that needs to be divided between you and your spouse, or you may need a protection order and/or child support and other financial supports, among other things.) The following national examples are designed to give you an idea of what a divorce application (or complaint) looks like and the information these documents usually contain: If you want these rights, you`ll need to talk to a lawyer. This package is not for you! If you divorce before you have resolved these issues, you may lose your rights! To start a divorce or legal separation if you are married, a registered partner or both. Lists data, children, property, and debts.

The Court of Justice will not serve you the documents. It is up to YOU to ensure that the defendant is served after your divorce application, or your case could be dismissed. After completing the steps on this page, you will need to find a neutral 3rd person who will personally hand over a copy of the subpoena and complaint (and everything you filed) to the defendant. There are other options if the defendant cannot be found or served in person. Learn all about how to serve the defendant by visiting the Divorce Documents Service page. The way you proceed with your divorce can seriously affect the ease of the process and the cost it ends up costing you. For this reason, it is a good idea to contact an experienced divorce lawyer for assistance in preparing, filing and serving the divorce application to ensure that your settlement agreement is fair to you. This form is MANDATORY.

This form tells the judge and your spouse what you expect from the divorce. You are the plaintiff and your spouse is the defendant. You will check boxes and fill in blanks to tell the judge and your spouse things like: By mail: Send your forms and registration fee (with cheque or money order to the clerk) to: The third and final section of the complaint contains a prayer to remedy it. It simply means that you will tell the court what you are asking for in your divorce. This section will be different for everyone, but it usually includes information about spousal support, custody, family allowances, and the distribution of your marriage`s assets. 2. Drop the forms. Submit your completed forms by mail, e-filing or in person to the Clerk.

Means and requirements to end your marriage or family partnership, including separation, divorce, property, alimony and enforcement. You may not need all of these forms. Or you may need more forms. If you are not sure which forms to use, contact your family law lawyer, self-help centre or a lawyer. Click here for help finding a lawyer. In Virginia, the appropriate time to file the complaint depends on the type of divorce you are looking for. You can file the complaint immediately if the reasons for your divorce are related to the fault. This means that you are divorcing for one of the reasons recognized by the state.

These grounds include adultery, sodomy, sodomy, cruelty, concern about bodily harm, desertion, abandonment or conviction for a crime. If any of these reasons do not apply, your divorce is called a no-fault divorce on your part. In the event of a no-fault divorce on your part, Virginia requires that you and your spouse be separated for a period of time before you can file the complaint. Usually, this period is one year. However, if you do not have minor children and you and your spouse have signed a separation agreement or asset agreement (for our purposes, we call it PSA), the waiting period is six months. Important note: You can always work with your lawyer to complete a PSA and not have to wait six or twelve months to reach an agreement. In fact, you should work to get a PSA as soon as possible with the help of a professional. Information on custody, filing, litigation, enforcement, etc. Although specific requirements and formats vary from state to state, the divorce application usually includes the following information: This form is MANDATORY.

This form tells your spouse that you have filed for divorce. The form also tells your spouse that they must file a response within 21 days, or that a failure to do so may be registered against them. This form is MANDATORY. It lists basic information about you, your spouse and all the children you and your spouse have together. You are the plaintiff and your spouse is the defendant. The clerk uses this information to open your file. Once you`re ready to file the complaint, it`s important to understand what it will contain. There are three main aspects of a divorce trial. First, the complaint contains general information about you and your spouse that allows the court to determine whether it has jurisdiction over your divorce. This means that you must provide information such as your names and addresses, when and where you married, the age of your children, if you have any, and whether any of you serve in the armed forces.

While it sounds simple, it`s important to remember that a court can dismiss a complaint that doesn`t meet the specific criteria. Use of these forms is at your own risk! These are forms of education designed to help you, but you represent yourself. .


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