Working Hours New Rules in Hindi

According to the Minimum Wage Act 1948, the number of hours of work of adolescents is determined by the doctor as approved by the government, which is decided taking into account the adolescent as an adult or child. However, the child should not be allowed to work more than 4 and a half hours a day. According to articles 28 and 29 of the Act, it is mentioned that workers who work overtime receive overtime pay equal to twice the normal rate of pay. Yogita Tulsiani, director and co-founder of iXceed Solutions, said the 4-day work culture can only be implemented based on how different industries work and work. Paragraph 59 states that an employee who works more than 9 hours a day or more than 48 hours in a factory a week is entitled to pay twice the rate of pay for overtime. According to the Minimum Wage Act, the working day of an adult employee must be designed in such a way as not to exceed 12 hours per day, including the break. Chandra said that if a company offers a 4-day work week, the remaining three days should be paid. He said the issue of flexibility will be discussed in working days. Their working hours are determined by the Factory Act.

Depending on the specified deadline, each contract is legal. Hours of Service: अभी आप हफ्ते में 5 दिन और रोजाना 9 घंटे या फिर हफ््या फभहआप पफभी आप 嬲 嬎पतफथफथफभी आप पेफते में 6 दिन और रोजाना 8 घंटे दफ्तर में बिताते हैं. लेकिन जल्द ही ऑफिस में रोजाना काम करने के घंटों में इजाफा हो सकता है. According to Rule 79 of the Act, it is mandatory for each contractor to keep a record of overtime in Form XXIII, which contains all the details relating to the calculation of overtime, overtime worked, on behalf of the employee, etc. Details of working hours, broken down between and about overtime in articles 51, 54 to 56 and 59 of the Act: The Minimum Wage Act of 1948 also stipulates on working hours according to rules 20 to 25 that the number of working hours in a day shall not exceed 9 hours for an adult. According to article 10 of the Act, it is mentioned that a working journalist who works more than 6 hours on the day shift each day and more than 5 and a half hours on the night shift on the night shift will be paid by rest periods corresponding to the hours for which he worked overtime. Chandra said the ministry is currently in the process of formulating relevant rules and regulations to implement the four new labor laws in the coming weeks to initiate labor reforms. The new labor laws will not affect the interests of workers and employees in any way, he said. According to the provisions of the Factories Act, a rest interval of at least half an hour should be provided for in 1948, so that no working time could exceed 5 and a half hours.

4-day week in India? Modi government prepares new work rules “If daily working hours are increased, you will also have to give workers similar leave. There will be 5 or 4 working days if working hours are increased. Employees and employers now agree to each other what is right for them,” said Labour Minister Apurva Chandra. According to §§ 28 to 30 of the Act, it is stated that no person employed in a mine is obliged or permitted to work in the mine for more than 10 hours a day, including overtime. Under the provisions of the Factories Act 1948, a young person is defined as a “child” or “adolescent” (a person who has reached the age of 15 but not the age of 18). == External links == It is mentioned that the working time of child workers is limited to 4-1/2 hours per day. It also stipulates that the spread should not exceed 5 hours. The provisions of the law also stipulate that women who work children are prohibited from working between 1.m 9:00 and 8:00.m in accordance with article 71. “The concept of the 4-day week has been under discussion for some time. This debate has started in Germany, which already has the lowest working time in a week at 34.2 hours.

Several companies have experimented with it. But I guess a 5-day work culture is more effective and contributes to better productivity in the workplace. As the reduction of working days will result in an increase in working time, it will impose a heavier burden on workers. Increasing working hours will stress employees and reduce productivity at work,” she said. According to article 19 of the Act, an adult employee who works on a plantation on a day that exceeds the number of hours that make up a normal working day, or for more than 48 hours per week, is entitled to twice the normal rates of pay for such overtime. Unless such an employee is authorized to work more than 9 hours in a day and more than 54 hours per week. sir, I am the government. employed in haryana zila sainik board narnaul on post chowkidar mali mujse yha 24 hours ki duty btaya gya h or week me only 1 rest or meri koi govt holiday ni hoti sir please help me m kya kru Under Sec. 17 & 18 of the Working Hours Act, It is mentioned that working hours, including overtime, must not exceed 10 hours per day and 54 hours per week. If someone works 8 hours a day, there will be 6 working days a week. If a company opts for 12 hours of work per day for its employees, this means four working days and three public holidays.

How many hours (maximum) per day, week and year can a person work? The Modi government is considering a fundamental change in labour policy. .


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