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IMPORTANT NOTE: Good news! The dispute between YouTube TV and Roku was settled on December 8, 2021. You can read more about the new multi-year agreement between companies and its impact on streamers here. The information contained in the following article was published before the conclusion of the agreement. “This agreement represents a positive development for our mutual customers and makes YouTube and YouTube TV available to all streamers on the Roku platform,” Dallas Lawrence, a Roku spokesperson, wrote in an email to The Verge. Google confirmed the deal to The Verge, saying both apps will be available through the Roku Store. According to a report from CNBC, Google could remove all YouTube apps from Roku devices as early as December 9, 2021, if no new deal can be reached. The deal comes a day before Google`s deadline to strike a deal or cut off the main YouTube app from new Roku devices. Wednesday`s new deal also means the YouTube TV app will be restored to Roku`s Channel Store in the hours that follow. Roku had removed the dedicated YouTube TV app from its channel store for all new users who wanted to download it in May as part of the months-long standoff with Google. Specifically, Roku complained that Google was requiring Roku to implement search, voice, and data features for YouTube that it didn`t require from other smart TV partners. For example, as part of its previous deal, reached in 2019, Google ordered YouTube to have a dedicated search results line in Roku`s overall search results. It`s not immediately clear if the new agreement between Roku and Google changes the way Roku`s platform is needed to display YouTube search results. While it remains to be seen if this will happen, streamers seem to be the ones trapped in the middle and experiencing the discomfort of this disagreement.

Google and Roku reach an agreement on YouTube and YouTube TV Roku even said in its email: “We remain committed to reaching a good faith agreement with Google.” If they hadn`t reached an agreement by tomorrow, Google planned to remove Roku`s YouTube app — a loss for virtually everyone involved, but especially for Roku users who would no longer have been able to download a major video service. Shares of Roku Inc. rose 20 percent on Wednesday after the streaming device maker signed a multi-year deal with Alphabet Inc. , which restores the YouTube TV app for its service. Google, meanwhile, had dismissed Roku`s claims as “unfounded,” denying that it had requested increased access to user data or interference with Roku`s search results. The company also suggested that Roku try to use these allegations (which had a touch of antitrust in nature) as a way to renegotiate a separate deal for the main YouTube app. Given that the new deal now covers both services, it`s questionable whether Roku has succeeded on this front. The multi-year deal comes a day before Google`s deadline to strike a deal or cut off its main YouTube app from new Roku devices.

The issues you may have with YouTube TV on your Roku device stem from a disagreement that led to a contract between the companies that expires in April 2021. After months of awkward contract disputes, Roku announced this morning that it has reached an agreement with Google that will allow the company to continue streaming YouTube and YouTube TV on its platform. Roku declined to share details of the terms of the deal, in addition to being a multi-year extension that covers both services. And it is probably the right long-term perspective that should be maintained despite the protracted disagreements. These are serious complaints. And in the case of user data sharing agreements, it seems that customers should have the right to know where the decision ended. Roku said in its own statement that the deal is a multi-year extension for YouTube and YouTube TV. “This agreement represents a positive development for our joint customers and makes YouTube and YouTube TV available to all streamers on the Roku platform,” Roku added. The companies struck the deal just days before their previous deal expired via YouTube on Roku on Dec.

9. In April 2021, Roku`s contract to distribute YouTube TV expired and Roku removed the app from its channel store at the time (while the YouTube TV service remained accessible through the main YouTube). Google also declined to comment on the nature of the data exchange agreements under the new contract, citing only earlier statements in which it had denied Roku`s allegations. After a bitter, public and months-long dispute, Roku and Google have agreed to a new multi-year distribution agreement that covers both YouTube and YouTube TV. We are glad that you want to resume your subscription. Later in the day, YouTube TV sent its own letter to its user base explaining the situation and offering streaming solutions: So, if you`re a current or potential Roku or YouTube TV user, you`re probably wondering: What now? YouTube TV is finally back on Roku streaming devices after a dispute between the two sides that has dragged on since April of this year. The two sides agreed to a deal for YouTube TV and the main YouTube app, which could also have disappeared if the feud had not been resolved. . Google called Roku`s claims “unproductive and unfounded” and said its goal was to “find a solution that benefits our shared users.” Alternatively, Google says you can also use your mobile device or tablet to stream YouTube TV to your Roku device. It`s an extra step that may seem painful, but it`s better than nothing. And when actors are involved, the largest streaming distribution platform (Roku) and the largest free streaming video company (YouTube), the stakes are particularly high. In the meantime, it wouldn`t be a bad idea to set up an alternative streaming option if these two can`t find a way to make it work.

Promotional conflicts between programmers and distributors are not new – they are a common nuisance for traditional cable and satellite TV customers. Until last year, the absence of this type of “blackout” was one of the ways in which streaming stood out from the exacerbations of television`s past. Roku and Google`s YouTube have signed a multi-year distribution agreement for Roku to offer both the main YouTube app and the Google app for its YouTube TV live channel streaming service, Roku announced Wednesday. On Wednesday, YouTube said in a statement that it is happy to have a partnership that benefits joint users of the two companies. “This means that Roku customers will continue to have access to YouTube and the YouTube TV app will be available again in the Roku store for new and existing members,” the company said. Silver expert Clark Howard sees this as an opportunity for many people to reassess how they spend their money streaming and why they make the decisions they make. Roku`s actions (leaving YouTube TV on its service for existing users, warning them against deletion, etc.) are consistent with the actions you`d expect from a company hoping to save the relationship. “Both will say bad things about each other and YouTube TV may even get dark for a while on Roku devices,” Clark predicted. “But if either party does it badly enough, they`ll probably make a deal.” Don`t just think of it as a potential piece of in your life, Clark says. “Instead, think of it as an opportunity to shake up what you`re doing. You may be able to save money by doing so. The deal means the YouTube app will remain available on the Roku Channel Store and YouTube TV, which was removed in April, will return.

The YouTube app was originally scheduled to start tomorrow, September 9. December, be removed from the Roku Channel Store if no agreement has been reached. In May 2021, Google sent an email to YouTube TV subscribers with information about a workaround to watch the streaming service on Roku devices, even without access to the YouTube TV app. Roku initially removed YouTube TV because it said Google had made anti-competitive demands, such as larger locations for apps and Roku`s requirement to use certain chips. Google responded that Roku`s claims were “unfounded” and that it focused on “ensuring a high-quality and consistent experience for viewers.” Roku shares rose more than 10% in morning trading on Wednesday due to the deal news, hitting an intraday high of +20% before gaining 18.2% for the day. (The stock is still down 19.5% year-to-date.) YouTube TV, the streaming service`s pay-TV offering, was pulled from Roku in April after a distribution dispute between the companies escalated and went public. The dispute between Roku and Google highlights the complex relationship between streaming content providers and streaming distribution platforms. While in the old cable industry, transportation cost disputes sometimes drove channels away from cable platforms, these disputes can be more complex in streaming and involve the sharing of advertising, data, or other factors. .


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